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About us

Land and Environment Consultants (LEC) has extensive experience preparing bushfire management plans for developers, home builders, building contractors, councils, state and Commonwealth government agencies, larger corporations, eg resources and utilities, and other consultancies, eg town planners, architects and engineers.


Providing independent analysis and advice, LEC works with both client and regulator to find workable solutions.


LEC has prepared bushfire management plans for

  • quarries;
  • mines;
  • property developments;
  • power stations;
  • Department of Defence training areas and facilities
  • industrial sites;
  • special fire protection facilities, eg schools, hospitals, aged care facilities;
  • community infrastructure; and
  • conservation estates.
How can we help?

The team

Rob Janssen

Rob is the managing principal of LEC and has over 20 years of experience as a bushfire assessment and management specialist.


Rob has extensive experience preparing bushfire management plans for developers, councils, and state and Commonwealth government agencies. He has prepared bushfire management plans for quarries, property developments, power stations, Department of Defence training areas and facilities, industrial sites, special fire protection facilities, community infrastructure and conservation estate.


Rob’s formal qualifications as an environmental scientist and consulting experience are coupled with experience as a firefighter with the national parks and wildlife service in New South Wales and Queensland. This means his recommendations are well considered, practical to implement and more likely to achieve the desired result of bushfire mitigation and acceptance by fire authorities and councils.

Tara Janssen

Tara is the business delivery manager of LEC and has over 20 years of experience in management, compliance and quality assurance with private companies, local government and a federal government corporation.


Tara coordinates all aspects of project delivery from preparation of fee proposals to invoicing and ensures projects are delivered on time, within approved budget and in accordance with our quality management system.

Christiane Turner

Christiane commenced work with LEC as a graduate bushfire consultant in 2021. She completed a Bachelor of Science degree in wildlife conservation biology before following her passion for fire management and completing her honours, researching the effects of fire on the vegetation of a critically endangered ecosystem.


Since joining LEC, she has worked on a variety of property development and conservation management projects and gained experience with the review of spatial data in online mapping systems, field work, potential fireline intensity calculations, radiant heat flux modelling, preparation of reports and figures and the implementation of LEC’s quality management system.


Christiane’s favourite project to date is the bushfire management plan for the Cave Hill environment reserve which involved consultation with Gympie Regional Council and the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services and the identification and analysis of bushfire risks to environmental, cultural, economic and human settlement assets.