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New Developments and development approvals


LEC works with developers’ town planning teams to provide the bushfire assessment and reporting required for development approval applications.


When developing in a designated bushfire hazard area you are required to:

  • confirm the bushfire hazard designation of the site; and
  • demonstrate how the proposed development will comply with local and state government planning requirements for bushfire hazard areas.


As a member of your town planning team, LEC works closely with you to resolve conflicts between proposed bushfire mitigation measures and other site constraints.


Specialist support for faster approvals


Failure to address specific requirements in the bushfire planning scheme policy often results in councils requesting further information, adding time to receiving a development approval, which impacts on costs and financial returns.


LEC’s reports and calculations specifically address council requirements. Our internal quality assurance and quality control procedure ensures efficient, reputable management of required reports.


LEC can consult on:

  • development approvals;
  • bushfire hazard assessments;
  • building approvals (BAL reports);
  • bushfire management plans; and
  • engineering design.
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